Women’s US team bags credit for making Soccer a global phenomenon


The women’s soccer team of the United States is to play against the team from the Netherlands for the final time in State de Lyon in France. The team is all set to defend the World Cup once again that they won in Canada four years back. There are high chances of them being World champions once again, as the US Women’s team is all geared up and well prepared for the soccer game.

The United Nation’s Women’s soccer team has been regarded as world class time and over again. By far the team has bagged around four gold medals in the Olympics and three World Cups. However, the team’s spirit and zeal of playing the game goes far beyond the trophies and medals bagged the Stripes and the Stars. If you tune up to the game being played in France you will have a better idea about the whole atmosphere. The entire stadium is packed with a high-spirited audience with no underlying menace or obscene ambiance, which is a usual scene in the men’s game. David Beckham himself turned up to watch the action along with his family.

Not only are the stadium viewers having all the fun from the soccer game but also the game seems to agree with the TV viewers too. In the semi-finals, the team from the USA defeated England with 2-1 scoring. This game was telecasted over the TV channels and around 11.7 million people watched it. This particular show broke all the other records by becoming the most-viewed TV show of the year.

The situation seems to be very ironic that not the inventor of the Soccer game that is England is the world of it, but America that has had an arguably complicated relationship with the sport played. The men’s soccer game has been popular all over the planet (quite literally) for quite a long time now. But, USA’s Women’s soccer team has given a different meaning to the Women’s World Cup.

Although the Major League Soccer game continues to attract some of the great players from across the world, the women’s game has touched different heights. All the credit goes to the women’s team from the US, whose particularly exceptional performance has made the game so popular. The game found a whole new different meaning from the match held in 1999 when the women’s team won the World Cup on home soil.


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