Three surprising Yankees showcase real shots to rank as All-Stars


When it comes to the All-Star Game, there has rarely ever been a shortage of the pinstripes. Last year, there were 4 Yankees and 5 the season prior to that. It was just the year 1994 when they had less than 3 representatives. This isn’t going to change this particular year and it doesn’t come as a surprise.

However, it was unexpected of the players who should have been in Cleveland representing AL East Leaders to be there. These names included everyone from Luke Voit to DJ LeMahieu and Gio Urshela. Voit was actually uncertain if he could even be every day 1st basemen as he enters the spring training. Moreover, Urshela broke through the daily line-up given the injuries. On the other hand, LeMahieu was actually coming off during the season when he posted the .749 OPS, while the home games had Coors Field as the perfect location for a good session.

On Tuesday, Aaron Boone, the manager mentioned prior to a 4-3 win by Yankees over the team Blue Jays, mentioned that he would love to see the players in the game. The Yankees got their infielder to score the last 3 for All-Star Voting for each of the in-field position inside this new system. Moreover, all these 3 were in a perfect mix which calls upon a 2nd election for determination of the starters. These starters shall be announced on Thursday along with the pitchers & reserves soon to follow dated Sunday.

LeMahieu, the versatile 30-year-old player had actually been at this position before when he was selected for showcasing in 2015 as well as 2017 season as the Rockie. Neither Voit nor Urshela has ever been close enough. Voit didn’t actually get the regular basis at-bats in the major league until he got traded with the Yankees last year in July. Moreover, the 27-year-old player Urshela has been bouncing on and around from the start of the season with minors as she replaced the injured 3rd baseman named Miguel Andujar, with .303 batting and an exceptional defense portfolio to match. Voit scored a series of .268/.480/.385 scores, 17 of home runs as well as 48 RBIs. He grew up watch All-Star Game and Home Run Derby and would surely like to compete in both these games.

The 28-Year-Old Voit mentioned that it will be a fulfilling experience to participate in the game. He added that it is the goal of every player to rank as an All-Star and having the same tag would be an amazing experience.


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