The baseball Yankees plan to visit London over the weekend before their major league


Brian Cashman, the GM of Yankees has good friends in South Africa and Italy that plan to leave their countries in order to be among the first in the crowd to see the 1st ever major league based baseball game played in the European continent. Not just that, his London-based friends couldn’t even wait till the Yankees made it to the pond’s other side on Thursday morning.

Same day in the afternoon, Cashman experienced several locals who were unknown to him being excited about the weekend visit by Yankees to the UK. This is where Elizabeth still rules as the Queen, the game of Soccer is dubbed as the king, and baseball is something that doesn’t get as much respect as it is in case of Rugby for most of the American population.

There is a section of residents who flaunt their love for baseball in London. This was evident when Cashman and the Yankees ownership watched the franchise greats along with the clinic conducted by the retired stars with more than 100 locals participating from the London based Meteorites Baseball & Softball Club. The kids at grade school had the best time surfing from one station to another getting some one-on-one tips to hit the base from Carlos Beltran, Alex Rodriguez, and Reggie Jackson. Further, they received pitching tips straight from the mouth of ace player Mariano Rivera & Andy Pettitte.

The kids also had some outfield tips provided by Nick Swisher and Hideki Matsui along with amazing baserunner tips by Aaron Boone, the team Manager. Rivera spent around a minute pitching in effort to try and get the young lad to master proper grip to score the signature pitch which made him the Hall of Fame earner for the year 2019. Pettitte also helped a little girl to correct her arm via motion correction technique after she happened to miss her catch by a 10 feet mark continuously. Further, Mr. October worked along to readjust the swings till the kids hitting through the tee were working on lining the balls into the net.

All these tutoring lessons is a major part of the reason why the players for Yankees needed to be a part of the historic game to be held this weekend in a 2-game series organized with Boston Red Sox at the London Stadium. This stadium was built in a move to host the Summer Olympics 2012 which now acts as a home for the West Ham United Premier Soccer League.


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