Randy Gregory might file a reinstatement to return for his cowboy training


Randy Gregory has suspended again for the fourth time, this February since he started his career in NFL in the year 2015. And, this time the suspension was for an indefinite period of time. But, the Cowboys have always operated as a good team and have involved Gregory in all of their short and long-term plans. This April, Randy Gregory was given a contract extension by the team with hopeful intentions of him playing in the upcoming season.

This Friday, some news popped up concerning Gregory’s return to the team. According to the sources related to this matter, reinstatement shall be filed by Randy Gregory within 10 days of time. He is hopeful of taking part in the training program for the Cowboys that is about to commence from 27th of July.

The experts have to say that though the return of Randy Gregory to the team is going to be definitely a win-win for the whole situation. But, it feels somewhat unlikely that the player who has been suspended from the team for four times in his four years of joining the Cowboys, won’t even be pulled back from attending at least one regular season game. What was the whole point of suspending him from the team, anyway? The situation can be somewhat like this –Gregory shall definitely be allowed to attend the training camp and participate in the pre-season matches; but, shall be asked to sit down in most of the regular-season games that are to be held.

Gregory was definitely the first-round pick after he left Nebraska, but the catch was he failed to pass a drug test. However, he then cleared the test in the second round and entered the Cowboys team in 2015. Since Randy joined the team there have been around 64 matches all-in-all but he has participated in only 28 of all the matches. Although the previous season was impressive as out of 14 games that Randy played his career sacked up that definitely complimented Demarcus Lawrence, he got suspended again in the month of February.

The good news for the Cowboy team is their defensive front is still in good shape and good to go for the upcoming regular-season game. Lawrence has his long-term contract that kept from being eliminated from the team because of the shoulder blade surgery that he had to go through.


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