New Cowboy Players could help run for the NFL 2019 big jump


When talking about probably the best NFL roasters for the year 2019, the Dallas Cowboys mark the territory with deep and talented players in the team. If everything runs their way and the team acquires an expected jump provided from their young team members, the Cowboys can successfully attain the tag of an elite team.

This jump is something the NFL officials refer to as an improvement to things that take place between the first & second year of a player in the game league. It is also believed that a good chunk of the players tends to make their sizeable progress as an NFL player right from their first year going all the way to sophomore season.

Being a full-time part of an organization while having full off-season for preparation of the game is one among the reasons why the players tend to improve substantially in the 2nd year of their gaming tenure. With time, players have also become aware of the speed and size of the professional football sportsperson. Even though many guys are creatively unique in their approach towards the game, there is always a need for an adjustment period.

When it comes to ranking as a major player, all the Cowboys need is the much-popularized jump from a few of their key players. One such name is Leighton Vander Esch who is popular by the name Wolf Hunter. He was a player for the Pro Bowl & made it to the 2nd team All-Pro while being a rookie. This means it is pretty crazy to imagine how great he can work when moving forward in the league. However, there is still scope for Vander Esch to get better in the game given the fact that he hasn’t experienced much when it comes to playing football in the entirety of his gaming career.

Vander Esch also finished the year 2018 with around 140 tackles that earned him the highest rate for NFL tackle at 18.3 percent of total snaps. He also further chipped in for 7 pass deflections & 2 interceptions. Moreover, this year the NFL is to celebrate its 100th season. This means the game enthusiasts can see a major change in voting protocol for Pro Football Hall of Fame. David Baker, the President for Pro Football Hall of Fame mentioned during the SiriusXM NFL Radio session that this Hall can expand with the 2020 team from the regular 8 to a total of 20 inductees.


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