High magnitude earthquake interrupts both Nevada and California baseball games


An Earthquake hit the Southwest with a magnitude as high as 7.1, which ultimately resulted in the canceling of the NBA Summer League. Also, one WNBA game was stopped in the middle because of the natural calamity. According to the reports, the intensity of the Earthquake was felt in almost all the stadium of California.

The Earthquake originated at a place near Ridgecrest in California, where another earthquake had taken place last Thursday when measured on a Richter scale showed 6.4 magnitude reading.

The second earthquake hugely affected the ongoing game taking place in Thomas & Mack Center in Las Vegas. The speakers and the scoreboard that was equipped on the court started sway because of the intensity of the catastrophe. Therefore, the deciding officials of the league ruled in favor of canceling all the upcoming games and send signs of caution.

Just when the earthquake hit, the New York Knicks and the New Orleans Pelicans were proceeding into the fourth-quarter of their opening-day game. The Pelicans were ahead from that of the Knicks with a score of 80-74 and about 8 minutes were left, when the earthquake hit and the game was dismissed. The audience was hopeful about the commencement of the game once the situations settled down; but after several hours of discussions in between the heads of the League, it was declared the games shall be postponed, both of Pelicans-Knicks and Denver Nuggets-Phoenix Suns too.

The Summer League game that was taking place in the Cox Pavilion located adjacent to the Thomas & Mack Center continued anyway without being much affected; as there weren’t any scoreboard or speakers swaying over the court. However, the NBA decided to stop the game eventually. By the time the game got canceled, Orlando Magic was way ahead of San Antonio with a score of 75-59.

The expectant audience was waiting for a reply concerning the games that were canceled is just when the NBA declared that the three games that were postponed shall not be played anymore with Pelicans and Magic being declared as the clear winners.

Silver Adam, who is the Commissioner of the League said that both the stadium shall be first examined by the structural engineers before scheduling the remaining games in the arena. However, on Friday evening it was announced that the games that were scheduled for Saturday shall continue once the stadium has been examined.


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