Gender Gap for Bonuses in Soccer World Cup: Real Reason Revealed


According to recent documents obtained by unnamed sources, the Women’s National Team in the US hasn’t yet played for the upcoming quarter-final of Women’s World Cup. However, the players that helped the United States qualify for the same are now in France with each bagging more than $90,000 as a bonus.

Now, if the women’s National US Team were given the same bonuses for World Cup as the Men’s National Team in the United States, their overall rewards shall be close to 6 times the existing number. If that were to happen, the women players might have easily earned close to $550,000 each. This is with half the women players left to participate in the game. This is because women tend to earn higher across the World Cup board in terms of bonuses from the US Soccer. Not just that, they also get additional bonuses that women aren’t eligible for. This includes a whopping $4.5 Million to be equally divided amid the players given that the men advance forth to the official knockout round for the Men’s World Cup.

The chances for potential earnings in order to progress beyond the final 8 simply widens from this point on. All these figures have been concluded from the in-depth analysis of the World Cup bonuses that are offered by the US Soccer officials under the collective agreements for the Men’s as well as Women’s National Teams. The current CBA by USWNT signed in the year 2017 isn’t actually public. However, some of its details were dictated in the book written about USWNT this year. The bonuses provided to the Men Soccer Players that actually expired the previous year still remains effective as understood during the negotiations which were released during the legal filings.

Upon seeking comment, a spokesperson for the US Soccer team did not heed to the request with regards to the apparent difference between the two teams in terms of bonuses. However, the official federation argues that much of this disparity with regards to the bonuses boils down to the Fifa game. The governing body for Soccer offers largely varying prizes for winners of both the team in the World Cups. This is what is distributed to the players by US Soccer. Fifa offers a total cash prize of $400Million to men playing on behalf of Russia. However, this number went staggeringly down at $30 Million at the current Women’s Tournament being held in France.


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