ESPN sports anchor Bob Ley retires after a long sabbatical


Bob Ley’s recent break from his tenure at ESPN shall be permanent this time. On Wednesday, Ley, who is a major part of the network, announced that he plans to retire from ESPN. In his recent tweet, Ley explained that during his 40-year long tenure working with ESPN, he enjoyed the professional journey which was something he couldn’t have ever imagined when he joined the ESPN channel in the year 1979.

He further added that every day since he joined the team has served as an unparalleled adventure, something which he has embraced for all the challenges and the unequaled fun for a job which is offbeat and keeps the adrenalin going. Concluding his tweet, he stated that it is the right time for a change and he plans to retire from ESPN by the end of this month. He clarified on his part that this decision is entirely his with no external influence.

He stated that there is no health condition affecting his decision and he enjoys great health and blessing from his family and friends. All-in-all, his tweet meant that it was time for him to make a change and spend more time with his family with a final goodbye to his existing job.

The 64-year-old Ley is a noted and established voice working with the network. He started working at his position around 3 days post launch of the network. For the entirety of his career, he has been a major part of the show “Outside the Lines” for which he was a remarkable host. It was an investigative news channel which covered a big part of significant subjects related to sports. Moreover, he also went on to become a popular face with ESPN’s official soccer coverage. His show garnered 11 Emmy Awards for Sports.

Last August, Ley had announced a 6-month long sabbatical in order to “re-charge” and get back to his job. However, this time, his sabbatical is rather a permanent retirement. Ley also released a statement thanking Jimmy Pitaro (ESPN President) and all his leadership team for catering patience and understanding over the last few months. He also mentioned that during his tenure at ESPN, he built several fulfilling and deep friendships.

His statement also pointed out the fact that he had a fabulous gift of nourished viewership and consumer trust. In the month of September, he signed off his last show with an amazing phrase, “I’ll Catch You on the Flipside”.


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