Dolphins player Kendrick Norton from Miami loses his arm in a car accident


This Thursday, the defensive lineman of Miami Dolphins lost his arm followed by a severe car crash. Kendrick Norton is 22-year-old, who belongs to Miami was signed to the Dolphins team in December 2018. According to the associated press, Norton was driving a Ford truck that got crashed into a barrier made of concrete. The truck got overturned on crashing with the barrier on State Road 836 of Florida Highway Patrol in Lt. Alex Camacho.

The accident was very severe and the 22-year-old from Miami was stuck inside the truck, in order to rescue him the crew had to amputate his arm.  According to the reports released by the South Florida Sentinel, Kendrick is now admitted in the Ryder Trauma Center of Jackson Memorial Hospital. The agent of NFL, Malki Kawa recently confirmed the news of Kendrick Norton being amputated from his Twitter handle.

Kawa further asked the public to pray for the speedy recovery of Kendrick and also stated that his family has urged to respect Kendrick’s privacy too. The Player’s mother on a Friday morning post of Facebook thanked all the supporters who are constantly sending their good wishes on Kendrick’s way. Norton’s Mother Tess Stephens further said that though they were unable to thank each and every individual personally, she and her family are really grateful for the love and support that the public has shown towards Kendrick.

Stephens further continues with her Facebook post stating that KJ is definitely a fighter and he is going to fight back this situation as well. She says that definitely, Kendrick lost his arm, but she and the entire family are happy that the rescue team was able to save his life. Though the loss is huge, he is definitely going to deal with the situation and rise back, says Kendrick’s mother Tess Stephens.

Also, a statement was released by the Miami Dolphins on their Twitter handle stating that their prayers are with Kendrick and his family and the entire team wishes for his speedy recovery. According to the reports released by CBS, they say that along with Norton his girlfriend was present too during the vehicle crash incident. However, she is safe and the injuries she has had are minor and cannot be considered to be life-threatening. Also, according to the reports a 2015 model of Maserati was involved in the accident too.


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