Dana White calls for Luke Rockhold’s retirement post injury at UFC 239


On Saturday, at UFC 239 Luke Rockhold faced a brutal knockout and lost to Jan Blachowicz. This fighting game came out to be so dangerous that Luke ultimately broke his jaw. The president of UFC, Dana White following the incident made the declaration about Luke’s injury. He also added to the announcement that Luke Rockhold must call it a career and take the retirement.

From the last four matches that Rockhold played he lost three of them through knockout. In the post-fight press conference White clearly suggested for Luke Rockhold to take adequate decisions concerning his retirement. He added that Luke broke his jaw again in the match conducted on Saturday, which makes it his second jaw-breaking knockout loss. He banged his shin as well and then he had to skin graph and do stuff to recover. He has been viciously knocked out in some of the other matches held in the UFC, before.

Dana White said that Luke has been a great fighter and has had a very good career, but it’s time that he worked up for his retirement program. Nobody can deny that Rockhold has definitely seen better days than the current scenario, but the past few years have literally been a rollercoaster ride for him.

In the first title, defense match that Luke Rockhold played against Michael Bisping suffered from an outrageous knock-out loss, which ultimately kept him from playing for one year at a stretch. Although Luke won the next middleweight title against David Branch, he again lost it to Yoel Romero in the interim match that was conducted in February, last year.

After that fight in February, Luke had to take a break for more than a year and nurse his shin injury. However, he moved up his competition from middleweight to light heavyweight for the very first time in his entire career. Nevertheless, the outcome didn’t change and he received a major setback from Blachowicz in the second round of the fight.

While White was considering all the matches that Luke has fought in recent times and then the one on Saturday concluded that he must look out for his retirement and hang up his gloves now. He also mentioned about Luke’s lucrative career as a model outside the Octagon after becoming the face of Ralph Lauren is certainly a huge achievement.


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